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Which Hands Free Pumping Set Is Good?

August 22, 2019 2 min read

Which Hands Free Pumping Set Is Good?

We always recommend hands free pumping whenever possible, as it helps mom to relax, as mom will have both her hands free to do other tasks while expressing breast milk for her most precious baby.   Mom can cook, can do house chores, can read, can scroll on social media, staying connected with family and friends and many more… All these while staying relaxed and putting our mind of chasing “milk target” of how much have I pumped, do I have enough milk, are my breasts working, do I really have milk and etc…

So which hands free to choose, since we have many choices in the market?   They kind of look the same, or same same but different?

Let’s help you with some quick summaries of our favorites.  


Cimilre Hands Free Pumping Kit

Price: RM89 per unit or RM169 for one pair

  • Allow direct pumping into the breast milk storage bottle, which means you can pump, store and feed from the same bottle, no milk transferring and you save every drop of your liquid gold.   This feature is mom’s top favorite too as it is less hassle and more hygienic, especially if you need to pump in a car or outside of home or office. You have much less things to wash and you breast milk is safe from any possible contamination.
  • The breast shape cover can be removed during pumping to reduce bulkiness under clothing.   In another word, it allows more discreet pumping.


Spectra Hands Free Cup

Price: RM129 for one pair


  • It is the cheapest among all the top picks.
  • It serves its function well and mom just needs to be mindful that it’s fitted properly to avoid leakage.


Youcup by Youha

Price: RM299 for one pair and usually comes with some free gifts

  • It is more expensive, but cheaper than Freemie closed system collection cup.
  • Its cups have the nicest boob shape design.
  • It has soft silicone cover, this is the part that touches our skin, and it is a great idea as soft silicone sticks better against our skin and gives that perfect fit required to more efficiently emptying our breasts.   This has also reduced chances of poor fit and possible leakage; hence it’s one of the top picks among moms.

Hope this info helps you in deciding which to buy! 

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