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You Know You Are A Breastfeeding Mom...

October 09, 2018 1 min read

You Know You Are A Breastfeeding Mom...

You know you're a breastfeeding mom when:

1) You eat 5 big meals a day and still feeling hungry.
2) Your bra cups have doubled or tripled the size without any surgery.
3) You have err... one boob bigger than the other? :)
4) You think one ounce of milk is more expensive than 100 grams of gold.
5) You’ve leaked milk, from hearing another baby cry.
6) You always forget which side you fed on last and maybe that results to #3. :)
7) You can’t exercise as intensely, worrying of 'overspilling' the milk from the 2 milk jugs which also weigh you down.
8) You walk around the mall wearing a nursing cover like it's a new fashion icon.
9) You are more well versed about the products by Medela, Cimilre, Spectra or Lacte than any salesperson in mom and baby shops.  :)
10) You sometimes get stared at, you later find out that you forget to hook back your nursing bra after nursing and you nipples show under your clothes! Oops...

Please feel free to leave a comment that we can add on to the list! :)

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