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Reusable Ice Pack For Milk Storage Cooler Bag

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    โœจใ€JJ BLUE ICE BRICKใ€‘โœจ

    Contoured shape which fits around breast milk bottles perfectly.
    Safely stores fresh breast milk for up to 12 hours when ice pack is frozen solid.
    Designed for use with Jingle Jungle Sonia cooler bags and any other cooler bags of the same size.
    Recommended to keep an extra piece in the freezer so there is always one ready, when you need to use.

    โ“ใ€How to useใ€‘โ“
    Unscrew the cap, fill with clean water until the middle position of the top most curve.
    Tighten the cap, gently shake the ice pack until the content transforms into gel.
    Place the ice pack into freezer for 10 to 12 hours and it is ready to be used.
    Keep the ice pack in a cool and dry place when not in use.

    Do not remove the content from the ice pack.
    Only required to fill the ice pack with clean water once and ice pack can be used repeatedly.
    Do not fill the ice pack with water more than suggested level.

    โœจใ€SHAPEE ICE BRICKใ€‘โœจ

    โœ… Long Lasting up to 8 hours
    โœ… Using gel type
    โœ… Last longer compare to water type
    โœ… Non-Toxic

    Put ice block inside the freezer overnight before use.

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