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Baby Silicone Nasal Aspirator Tube Type And Manual

Tube Type & Manual Type

Manual Type
With suction in hand, be sure the tip is facing away from you and the ball of the suction is grasped between all five fingers of your hand.
Next, use your thumb to press the very bottom flat part of the suction inward. Do this away from the baby. This pushes the air completely out of the suction first.
After pushing the bottom of the suction in, do not release. Hold it steady just like this. With your other hand, very gently hold your baby's head in place while inserting the tip of the suction into the nostril.
Once the tip is in proper position in the baby's nostril, release the bottom of the suction. The suction will then pull the phlegm from the baby's nose.

Tube Type
●This product is a nasal aspirator developed jointly with an otolaryngologist, allowing mothers to adjust the suction power with their mouths
●The U-shaped design at the front can effectively suck out the baby's nasal water, and will not absorb the mucous membrane in the baby's nose to cause harm!
●The inclined design of the nasal suction tube can easily extend into the baby's nose
●The material of the nasal suction tube is soft, even if the baby moves while mommy helps him inhale the nose, it will not cause harm to the baby's nose
●This nasal aspirator is equipped with an anti-backflow device, so Mommy will not suck the baby's nose!

● Put the straw mouth into the mouth, pick up the baby, then insert the nasal tube into the baby's nostrils, and slowly suck out the nasal water
※If the nasal water becomes hard and condensed, please do not take it out reluctantly. Use a warm towel to warm the inside of the nose, and then gently suck out the baby's nasal water

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