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Breastfeeding Then & Now ... How Does Hands Free Pumping Help?

March 20, 2019 2 min read

Breastfeeding Then & Now ... How Does Hands Free Pumping Help?

Let's hear what was breastfeeding like 16 years ago for Vivian, a breastfeeding mom of 3: 
When I was pregnant with my first child, I was working full time in an engineering firm, a male-dominant environment, which I had to even fight for a cigarette free office by writing to the MD directly to protect my then unborn child. Thing did not get better after I gave birth. I could only use my lunch time to pump milk for my baby. The stress of borrowing any available room or even pumping in the toilets had led to my low milk production. Thank God while breastfeeding wasn't common 16 years ago but some parenting magazines had started publishing some encouraging breastfeeding stories and articles. These stories had accompanied me through the lonely journey.
Fast forward to today, while breastfeeding is getting normalised, many moms still do not have the luxury of having pump breaks. Thank goodness that technology has evolved and now we have compact, ultra silent, rechargeable & mobile breast pump with even hands free pumping option, and most importantly it's within affordable price range.
Hands-free pumping is ESPECIALLY helpful for moms who are busy, on-the-go, and with low milk supply. Hands-free kit allows us to pump from anywhere, anytime, while doing our chores or simply relaxing ourselves.
We moms need to forget that we have an aim of how many ounces to meet. We need to learn to relax and forget that we are milk factory. So that nature can take its course to allow our mind to relax and send signal to our body that we are pumping for our precious baby with joy.
When our hands are free, we can read books, browse Facebook, shop online, do chores, continue with work and many more. We temporarily got carried away with the milk target. Without us knowing, we will get more milk. All these while we are relaxed.
Picture above was from a mommy whose work environment required her to walk around a lot. She used the hands free and was happy with it, especially she was using Cimilre F1, which was ultra light and silent, and could go into any deeper pocket easily.
Cimilre Hands Free is RM89 (single pumping) and RM169 (Double Pumping). It works with ANY BRAND of breast pumps in the market, including Real Bubee which you may get for below RM50.  So hands-free pumping has becoming very affordable. 
Moms, don't give up on pumping for your precious little ones, even after you have returned to work.   I can assure you that it's all worthwhile, especially that we will feel really glad that we could offer our baby our breasts when they are not feeling well.  They won't take in anything else, besides breast milk.  The composition of our breast milk will change according to our baby's needs too.  It's just a gift from the nature and let our baby enjoy it for as long as possible! :)  

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