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Baby Therapy Telon Yu Yee Tateh Oil

Yu Yee Oil is a herbal medicated ointment with sweet peppermint smell. It is use traditionally to relief winds and bloated problem in babies. Chinese mothers have been using it for centuries and it has been time-proven to be an effective treatment for gassy babies. 
Colic is believed by many to be caused by problems with the baby's immature digestive system causing painful abdominal trapped gas. 
By using Yu Yee Oil you will be effectively relieving colic and soothing baby. It also helps to reduce mild muscle and joint aches and pain of all ages.
Peppermint oil 36.0% w/v, clove oil 2.6% w/v, nutmeg oil 0.6% w/v, menthol 1.6% w/v, borneol 1.0% w/v, cortex cinnamoni1.0% w/v, resina calamus draco 1.0% w/v, light liquid paraffin.
Application directions:
To administer Yu Yee oil, just put a few drops in the palms of your hands and rub your palms together to warm up the oil. Stroke baby stomach, back and foot gently and rhythmically. Circle the belly button in a clockwise motion. This gets the gas moving in the proper direction for the baby to easily pass it. Do not massage vigorously because it can cause pain to the baby and might also cause bowel injury.
Tateh Baby Therapy Oil - Minyak Telon 30ml
Melegakan kembung perut dan selesema pada bayi.
Formula organik dalam bentuk minyak dan mudah di sapu.
Mengandungi VCO , peppermint dan cengkih.

Sapukan Telon Oil pada perut bayi dan kedua tapak tangan dan kaki bayi selepas mandi. Ketika selsema atau batuk, boleh di sapukan di dada bayi untuk kelegaan sepanjang hari

Konicare Telon Oil [Minyak Telon]
- has been traditionally use for baby [newborn] and suitable for whole family
- Warm the baby’s body, prevent stomach bloating and inflammation of the baby
- Prevent the baby from mosquito bites.

How to use:
Sprinkled flat on the stomach, back and chest of each baby after bath.

Comes in 2 size : 30ml & 60ml

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Not to be use on open wound or abrasion.  This product is not suitable for those who have hypersensitivity towards the ingredients. Consult physician if symptom does not improve. Keep out of reach of children.

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