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MALISH Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle (240ml)

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  • Malish Aire Anti Colic Baby Feeding Bottle are designed for safer feeding to baby. It can minimise the chances of baby getting colic due to the air mixing with liquid.

    Features :
    • Made from Polypropylene (PP), a food grade material with high impact and temperature resistance
    • The design of the bottle as well is unique to help prevent colic
    • With the angle design it can promote semi upright feeding method which is recommended by Paediatrician
    • It is to help prevent the ear infection
    • Mellow and comfortable to handles
    • Easy to disassemble for through cleaning
    • Resistant to allow natural and smooth tongue movement
    • Anti-Colic Valve reduces intake of gas that causes colic
    • BPA Free made from a safe food grade material
    •Free from bisphenol-A

    Anti-Flatulence Function :
    The bottom vent brings in air from the outside of the bottle, it increases the pressure above the milk and helps baby feeding more smoothly. It prevents air from mixing with the milk and reduces chances of air ingestion that may cause colic and vomiting.

    Malish Aire Wide Neck Nipple : 
    • Soft, Flexible and Collapse
    • For older baby, teats are available in different sizes S, M, L & Variable depending on the age of the baby
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