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Mimijumi Baby Bottle 240ml/8oz (very Hungry)

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  • With natural colors, textures and forms, the mimijumi baby bottle provides the perfect complement to breastfeeding and the best possible transition to bottle feeding.

    The innovative nipple design replicates a mother‰۪åÇ_‰۪åÇ_Ì_ÌÇÌ_è _s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. Bold colors and soft textures are combined to give the Not So Hungry bottle a distinctive, eye-catching appearance.

    Our bottles are made of Grilamid Nylon which focuses on baby's safety. It is also more durable, stable in property, clear as glass and easy to clean. All mimijumi bottles are BPA and latex free, EA free, and exceed US safety standards.