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[MIMIJUMI/FIFFY] Soft Silicone Baby Finger Toothbrush With Case

Designed to clean little teeth and massage gums.
Support a child's hygiene habits from an early age.
Made of high quality and environmental friendly non toxic silicone
Light weight with a travel case 

Silicone finger tooth brush suitable for baby above 3 months.
Weight : 0.2kg
Thermoplastic is a pliable polymer that allows the brush to be fitted perfectly onto finger.
Ultra soft bristles that cleans effectively 
Soft studs can be used for cleaning and massaging baby’s gum
Can be disinfected using boiling water
BPA Free

Babyjumi silicone finger tip tootbrush comfortable for the gum and teeth of the baby safe and easy to use. 
Gently cleans the baby's teeth helps develop the teeth of the baby.

- Made from 100% food grade Silicone
- BPA Free
- PVC Free
- Non-Toxic
- 1 units per box
- Easy to clean 
- Clean with warm water 

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