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Set Suri

SETSURI Bengkung Ibu Modern Binder

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      Wear 3 days after birth for minimum of 6-8 weeks. Recommended to wear everyday for best result

      Made of breathable elastic fabric.
      Hand craft batik design by Malaysian artist.
      Can be easily worn under clothing.
      Adjustable fit with wide velcro closure.
      Ideal for normal or caesarean post-pregnancy recovery.
      Size: S (20″ x 48″ x 4″), XL (20″ x 58″ x 4″)


      Cara Penggunaan:
      1. Pastikan bahagian label di bahagian atas
      2. Lipat dan tarik bahagian kain bercorak di bahagian hadapan.
      3. Tarik kain sehingga rasa kemas dan selesa.
      4. Masukkan tali bermula dari bahagian bawah secara silang.
      5. Teruskan ikatan silang sehingga ke tali pendek dan ikat kemas/mati.
      6. Teruskan ikatan silang di bahagian atas sehingga atas. Sekiranya terdapat lebihan tali di bahagian atas, anda boleh lilitkan lebihan tali itu dikeliling bawah dada dan ikat kemas/mati.

      S (20 inci x 42 inci)
      Free Size (20 inci x 49 inci)
      XL ( 20 inci x 50 inci )
      XXL ( 20 inci x 55 inci)


    • 3 IN 1 MODERN WRAP
      Setsuri Modern body wrap is made from high-quality lightweight fabric that can be worn under clothing, ideal for post-pregnancy recovery, and designed to bring comfort and firm up the body shape.

      Neutral or skin color – can be worn under clothing.
      Made from high-quality lightweight fabric.
      Comfortable support to the back of the body.
      Firm up and restore the body back in shape.
      Adjustable fit with wide velcro closure.
      Ideal for normal or cesarean post-pregnancy recovery.

      Size M
      High waist band: 93cm (length), 23cm (width)
      Tummy band: 80cm (length), 23cm (width)
      Pelvis band: 101cm (length), 16cm (width)

      Size L
      High waist band: 93cm (length), 23cm (width)
      Tummy band: 85cm (length), 23cm (width)
      Pelvis band: 106cm (length), 16cm (width)

      Size XL
      High waist band: 102cm (length), 23cm (width)
      Tummy band: 90cm (length), 23cm (width)
      Pelvis band: 110cm (length), 16cm (width)

      Product specifications:
      Velcro strips
      Color: skin color

      Super lightweight, soft and breathable design
      100% Brand and high quality.
      Elastic dan flexible
      Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex

      Recommendation to wear:
      Belly binder: 1 to 7 days after birth
      Waist binder: 1 to 6 weeks after normal birth or stiching healing from c-section.

      Care instructions: Hand wash in mild detergent. Avoide hard rubbing and squeezing. Rinse well and air dry. Do not machine wash or dry clean.
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