[SHAPEE] Milkee Lab LacPro Double Breastpump + FREE GIFTS

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A mom's breastfeeding journey doesn’t have to be miserable and difficult. It all starts with the Milkee Lab LacPro Double Electric Breast Pump with new Advanced Pulse Flow Technology that help to save more time and give Efficient Pumping Experience to mommy.

Product Information:
✅ Advanced Pulse Flow Technology: 
✅ Customizable Pumping Modes: 
✅ Double Pumping Efficiency: 
✅ Quiet Operation <45db
✅  Intuitive LED Touch Panel Display
✅ FormFit Flange Shield: 
✅ Hygienic Closed System: 
✅ Built-in 2500mAh Heavy Duty Battery: 
✅ Includes with 2x PPSU Wide Neck Bottle to improve overall user experience
✅ 2-Year Product Warranty

▶️Color: Soft Pink/peach
▶️ Available size (2-in-1): 28mm FREE flange insert in 24mm

1. How many session after fully charge? and how long for 1 session?
✅ Our Lacpro Double Electric Breast Pump can use up to 5 - 8 session after fully charge 
2. How long for fully charge and how to know?
✅ Our Lacpro Double Electric Breast Pump takes 2 - 2.5 hours for fully charge and the battery bar will be static when it is fully charge
3. Do we need to wash for first time use?
✅ Yes! All the accessories part need to disassemble and wash for first time use and before each use.
4. How to register for warranty?
✅ Scan the QR code provided in manual instruction. 
*Make sure to keep the packaging box as all details available there*