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Spectra 2-in-1 Handsfree Cup Set [1pair]

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  • NOTE: Items come in poly bag packaging. 

    Effective pumping !

    - Both your hands are free to multi task while pumping.
    - An economical solution through full compatibility with Spectra Breast Pump products.

    Pump whenever, wherever
    -You can save time at home by pumping while breastfeeding.
    - You can pump in the office with your clothes on as Handsfree fits into your underwear.
    -You can pump in public where there is no personal space.

    What's included :-

    2 x HandsFree Cups ( 250ml per cup )
    2 x HandsFree Funnel [ 24mm / 28mm ] 
    2 x Valve Based with Back flow Protector
    2 x Silicone Valve
    2 x Shaft Based (Alternative Connector)
    2 x Silicone Tubing


    How to Use :-

    1. Tilting if the breast shield may lead to leakage of breastmilk. Please sit up straight while pumping to ensure the breast shield does not tilt.
    2. It is important to find the maximum vacuum level that is comfortable for you as pumping at uncomfortably high vacuum level may cause pain and hinder your milk flow.
    3. To determine your own maximum vacuum level, use the vacuum level and cycle speed controllers buttons on the breast pump to increase the intensity until pumping feels  slightly uncomfortable ( not painful), then decrease the intensity slightly.
    4. On average, a typical expressing session goes for 10 - 15 minutes, but this is just a guide and may vary for each individual.
    5. Upon completion of pumping, do not just pull away the breast shield in its sealed state, but instead turn off the power first and remove the breast shield slowly by breaking the seal between your breast and the breast shield with your finger.

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