5 Ways Dad Can Make Breastfeeding Better For Moms

November 21, 2018 1 min read

5 Ways Dad Can Make Breastfeeding Better For Moms

Dad, you are one very important person in ensuring a better breastfeeding experience for mom.  Yes, you don't have to back off just because mom's got the food supply taken care of.  There are a few specific ways you can help mom with and at the same time bond with your wife and your newborn: 

1) Learn about breastfeeding even before the baby is born. The more you know about breastfeeding, the more helpful you can be when the time comes. 

2) Help with getting a pillow to prop up the baby to the right level or to cushion mom's back or body that she feels more comfortable. 

3) Get mom a drink? Breastfeeding moms feel thirsty always. Stock up the fridge and food cabinet. Breastfeeding moms are often hungry.  Right, moms? 

4) Help to adjust the lighting, put on soft music and rub the back while mom's breastfeeding?

5) Lend a listening ear and offer hugs and kisses when the going gets tough. Remember to help with seeking help or advice too.

Anything else a dad can do? Must be plentiful. Please feel free to comment that we can update the list! :) 

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