You Know You Are A Proud Breastfeeding Dad...

October 26, 2018 1 min read

You Know You Are A Proud Breastfeeding Dad...

You know you are a proud dad of a healthy breastfed baby when:

1) You smile and say proudly, "my wife breastfeeds" or "my baby drinks mom's milk" when others ask what milk does your cute baby drink. 
2) You start convincing others too to breastfeed and you then realise that boobs talk is never the same again and it's full of so much love for your wife and your children. 
3) You don't know the price of formula milk. Price hike or where to find the shop that sells the cheapest formula milk is NEVER an issue.
4) You don't see the paediatrician as often as some of your friends whose babies aren't breastfed. 
5) You know who/where to turn to, when anything else fails - the magic boobs which soothes any discomfort or fear. 
6) You don't walk like a zombie at work, as your wife dreams feed the baby at night. 
7) You still go out in style as there are much lesser things to bring along, as your baby is breastfed. Got boobs, got milk, got food. 
8) You know what is Medela, Cimilre, Lacte and Spectra.  You know Lacte is a breastpump and won't mistake it as a coffee drink! 
9) You are familiar with Fabulous Mom, as you are always given a shopping list of what to get from the stores.  Haha... 
10) You feel great and happy seeing your wife and baby are happy from the bonding of breastfeeding, which will never be so, without your love and support. 

Please feel free to leave a comment that we can add more pointers to the list!  

You rock, dads!  We love you!  


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