Baby's Health & Breastfeeding During The 1970s

January 18, 2019 1 min read

Baby's Health & Breastfeeding During The 1970s

I found this while spring cleaning mom's a few decades old memory box. Baby health card from year 1979! 

Printed with 4 languages and it gave great advices on baby feeding. The part of do not give sweetened condensed milk was funny and yet so true. I was given condensed milk as a baby for various reasons: 1) mom was too weak to breastfeed, 2) we were very poor and couldn't afford any other milk, 3) mom believed the ad that they really produced the condensed milk through milking the cows drop by drop. 😂 

Love the old Malay words here too:

1) berikan susu sendiri sa-lama sembilan bulan

2) kemudian gantikan susu tepong banchoh likat. Jangan berikan susu pekat manis.

3) bila lima bulan umor-nya tambahkan buah betek, sup, kanji, telor dan sayoran dan minyak kelapa sawit, beransor-ansor.

Thanks mom for keeping this card and handing it over to me for my keepsake. ~ Vivian Foo, founder of Fabulous Mom

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