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Low Milk Supply? Could Your Baby Be Doing Reverse Cycling?

February 28, 2019 1 min read

Low Milk Supply?  Could Your Baby Be Doing Reverse Cycling?

Don't pressurize yourself when you see other moms are able to produce so much milk and you can't.

As every baby's nursing pattern is different. Some babies nurse more at night, directly from the breasts throughout the night and they drink less during the day. As a result, mom will also produce lesser milk during the day.

So you don't have to up your breast pump's suction power to forcefully train your breasts to produce more milk. You can try gentler way such as nurse and pump simultaneously before and after work when you are with your baby. Continue this on weekend and soon you will see your expressed breast milk (EBM) stock is slowly building up and you may then need to shop for a new freezer. Power of visualisation. ❣️

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