Before You Give Up Breastfeeding, Please Give Yourself Another Chance

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Before You Give Up Breastfeeding, Please Give Yourself Another Chance

Breastfeeding is not always a bed of roses. During pregnancy, we were determined to breastfeed. After childbirth, besides the discomfort, some mummies also faced another issue: NOT ENOUGH MILK.

Some mummies have low breast milk production since confinement, some mummies experience drastic drop in breast milk supply after returning to work or after having plugged ducts.   When we look at our cranky baby who still seems hungry after each feed, we would get even more worried and anxious – my milk is so little, can I continue with breastfeeding?


One word: CHASE (KEJAR!)

Chasing milk productivity sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple.   Let us share with you new mummies some tips!

Firstly, CONFIDENCE -- you can have all the advice in the world, but core confidence is the master key to success!

As long as you are healthy, you can breastfeed.   So mummies, don’t be discouraged, keep your chin high and maintain healthy emotions.   If your mood is low, always self doubt, that will be number one killer to breast milk production. Besides, family members must give new mummy 100% support and love, don’t be quick to offer formula milk, reassure mummy that she’s not alone in this battle.


Secondly, WATER –-we must have heard of many tips / recipes to increase breast milk production, which sounds fascinating. But here's the secret:  instead of trying various tips / recipes which drain your energy out, it’s best to JUST DRINK MORE WATER.   Actually, breast milk is made up of 90% water. To increase breast milk production, you need water. Of course, healthy drinks and soups make great choices too!


Thirdly, POSITIONS – some mummies actually have enough milk, but it does not appear so, due to poor latching position. It does not only cause poor milk intake by the baby, but also cause nipple injury to new mummies such as cracked nipples or even bleeding.   It will cause the mummy to fear of direct latching, feed much less, which may cause plugged duct and follow by low milk supply.   It’s crucial for baby to latch on correctly, to efficiently empty the breast and make the breastfeeding session an enjoyable one.

The correct breastfeeding position is to always ensure baby’s head and body is aligned, and baby’s mouth covers the whole areola, which baby’s suckling can then massage the breast and efficiently draw out more milk.

If mummy’s already having cracked or sore nipples, or if you have short or inverted nipple, you may use a nipple shield to help with direct feeding.   Nipple shield is ultra thin and lightweight, made of silicone material, which is soft and flexible, can be sterilized, which is safe for both mom and baby. We however, do not recommend long-term use of nipple shield, as skin-to-skin contact is still the best stimulation for breast milk production.

 P/S: Pardon the typo error on image - efficiently 

Forthly, ROUTINE-- Breast milk production goes by the supply and demand law, many of us know this. Baby’s suckling or breast pumping will stimulate breast milk production.

But some mummies who over feed or over pump to chase back the lost ounces, may have a reverse effect!

Over feeding or over pumping will cause mummies to be tired, worse still may hurt your nipples, which then cause the breast milk production to go low again. Regular feeding round the clock does not equal to effective emptying of breasts, because when the baby’s not hungry, force feed will cause the baby to just play with the nipples or suck for comfort. So it’s best to just follow the usual routine.

Of course, some babies are small eaters and prefer to sleep more, which cause less stimulation on mummy’s breasts. Mummy can then use the help of breast pump to empty the breasts. Double breast pump will certainly help!

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To select a double breast pump suits you, mummy may set some guidelines, such as budget, frequency of usage (heavy, moderate or light), and most importantly choose a company that provide good after sale service like Fabulous Mom. Fabulous Mom has our own service centre and service team.   This is important, as the machine needs to be frequently serviced to maintain its performance. Besides, the experienced staff in Fabulous Mom will provide consultation on the right breast shield size to choose, etc… Fabulous Mom’s clients get extra discount for purchase of replacement parts and accessories.

Hope these tips help, happy breastfeeding, mummies! 






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