Birthday Party At A Fire Station - How To Go About It?

March 16, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

Birthday Party At A Fire Station - How To Go About It?

Last Sunday, we celebrated our son's 16th birthday at a fire station.  Initially I was quite worried if a bomba themed birthday party will be too childish for a 16-year-old and his teenage friends.  But I can now confirm and declare that a birthday party at a fire station is for ALL AGES, old and young.  Parents had fun too during our last weekend's party!  

How to organise a birthday party at a fire station?  Firstly, you need to write in officially and walk in to the fire station of your choice.  You may email them but the fastest way is to walk in and speak to the officer in charge directly.  Here's the sample letter which you can copy and paste into your Words document and just change the details.  

Basically you don't quite have to plan for any games when you host your birthday party in a fire station. As the abang bomba (firefighters) themselves are already pro in handling events such as birthday parties. When we arrived an hour before our party started last Sunday, the abang bomba already had  the audio system, music, songs (birthday song too!), tables and chairs and 2 big trash bins set up for us.  We were amazed and they had fridge big enough to keep our 2kg birthday cake too!  

They had programmes fully lined up for you too, which includes: fire safety demo (what if your kitchen/your shirt caught fire, what to do?), climbing up and sitting in a fire truck, sliding down the fireman's pole and mandi as the abang bomba said 🤣 (experiencing the power of fire hose).  Can you guess which one is the teenagers' most favorite activity?  Yes, still the water war - I can't call it water play for their age, although they did play like kids again!  Hahaha... 

The abang bomba were really sporting to also let them try wearing their full uniforms.  I'm not sure if any of them will change their mind to be a fireman after this event.  

By the way, it's free of charge to host a birthday party at a fire station, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiative to spread fire safety awareness to the public and for us to understand their roles better.  You may give them a token as appreciation if you wish and order extra food to also cater for all personnels in the station.  Hope this article helps you in your planning!  :)  


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Fabulous Mom
Fabulous Mom

May 06, 2019

Hi Wei Wei, this is Pusat Bandar Puchong Fire Station. :)

Toh Wei Wei
Toh Wei Wei

May 04, 2019

Many thanks for the information. May I know where is this station?

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