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Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump [1 Year Warranty]

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  • 1 Year Warranty


    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Premium Cooler Bag (Assorted)
    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Lite Ice Pack
    • 1 x  Fabulous Mom Silicone Collector 
    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Milk Bag Storage Bag 25pcs / 7oz


        • Hospital-grade shouldn't be bulky, meet the most handy hospital-grade breast pump
        • Two phase pumping experience ( Total 31 levels )
        • Massage : 5 Levels, Speed : 5 Levels
        • Expression : 15 Levels, Speed 6 Levels
        • Suction : 300mmHg ( Maximum )
        • Get a good let down with massage mode -mimics baby's natural suckling behaviour to stimulate milkflow.
        • Soft, smooth massage function
        • Powerful yet gentle suction -Pumping shouldn't be painful. Haenim's expression mode is designed to provide gentle suction throughout pumping. Increase the vacuum level gradually to the most comfortable setting.
        • Nexusfit -For more comfortable and efficient pumping.
        • One size fit all ( 20mm - 32mm )
        • Minimal parts for easy cleaning
        • Easy interactive LED display -Indicates timer, battery and suction level
        • Smart memory function -Save massage modes and expressions modes according to what feels best for you!
        • Light up your pumping night -Warm LED night light with adjustable brightness
        • Rechargeable lithium battery -Pump anytime, anywhere.
        • Take a break? No problem -Touch the current mode button to pause the cycle and continue later.
        • Pump in peace -
        • Pump discretely without disturbing others. Silence Noise Level <50db
        • Double / Single Pump -Easily switch between single and double pump with Easy Switch connector
        • Hygienic - 100% backflow protection
        • 30 min auto off timer
        • Size: 228mm x 87mm x 110mm
        • Weight : 1050g
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