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Let's talk uneven boobies!⁠

November 18, 2021 1 min read

Let's talk uneven boobies!⁠

Most breastfeeding mamas have experienced a difference in their cup size sometime during their feeding journey.⁠

Sometimes your bub will just prefer one side to the other, other times you'll have one 'super producer' booby while the other just kind of makes up the numbers.⁠

How to even things out? ⁠
⭐ Try building your supply on the smaller side by starting each feeding session on that side before swapping over⁠
⭐ Offer the smaller boob a couple of times each nursing session (i.e. at the beginning and again at the end)⁠
⭐ Add a pumping session on the smaller side 1-2 times per day for a couple of days⁠

Just be mindful not to neglect your other boob as you don't want to cause blockages/decrease your supply.⁠

How to encourage bub to take their less favourite boob?⁠
⭐ Try offering the unpopular boob during the night or when bub is sleepy and less likely to fuss⁠
⭐ Start off a feed on the favourite side and, post letdown, quickly swap to the second side⁠
⭐ Observe the flow on the least favourite side; is it too fast for bub or perhaps too slow? Once you've worked that out, work on regulating the speed of supply to suit your bub better.⁠

Happy breastfeeding, mamas! 

📸 - @cassiearnoldfiberart (Instagram)

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